We specialise in the supply and lay of flowing floor screeds and have a comprehensive range of products that suit virtually any domestic, retail or industrial project.

Flowing screeds, also called self smoothing screeds, are best for achieving level surface finishes. Flowing screeds can be laid at any time during the building process. Our flowing screeds can also be used for levelling uneven floors and are available in Ecoscreed Standard or Ecoscreed Rapid.

Our Products

Ecoscreed Standard

Our standard floor screed is self-compacting, self-smoothing and provides a high strength and extremely accurate surface finish and can be pumped into any area of a building and at thinner depths than conventional screed…

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Ecoscreed Thermal

Our new patented high performance flowing screed is made using crushed recycled glass instead of sand. The thermodynamic effect of the glass reduces the amount of energy required to heat up the floor by up to 30%…

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Ecoscreed Rapid

If drying times are key to your project our Rapid Screed at 50mm can be fully dry in as little as 7 days which would then allow you to apply your floor finishes much quicker than would normally be possible…

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Ecoscreed Gridboard

Ecoscreed Gridboard is a very cost effective alternative to other floor insulation boards available on the market today. It is available in a wide range of depths allowing you flexibility in your floor make up…

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Lewis Dovetailed Metal Decking

Lewis® Dovetailed Metal Decking, used in conjunction with our flowing screeds, provides a very simple and cost effective solution to achieving sound and fire regulations within new build and renovation projects…

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