“During 2013 and 2014 Ecoscreed (CI) Ltd placed approximately 3,000 square metres of ‘Ecoscreed Thermal’ to a prestigious residential complex within the heart of St Peter Port Guernsey.

Ecoscreed (CI) Ltd executed its work in a diligent and professional manner, attended the project in accord with the main contractors programme, and produced work of a high calibre and to exacting tolerances.

In addition the technical expertise they provided for this particular type of screed, before, during and after the installation of screeds has proved valuable and informative.

Ecoscreed (CI) Ltd managers have been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Gordon Jones, Site Manager, J W Rihoy & Son


“Ecoscreed are a professional company with an excellent screeding product. They are quick, reliable, polite and accommodating to other trades working around them.
They leave the project clear, ready for the next trade to enter the building, clear all rubbish from site and leave the work area clean and tidy.”

Paul Haswell, Site Manager, C.A.Duquemin Ltd, Site – Guernsey Housing Association, Brock Road


“At Infinity Construction Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality and specification of our developments. We use and are pleased to recommend Ecoscreed as they always provide excellent service and they are fast and efficient which allows following trades back into the building the next day.

Their floors always meet our exacting requirements and we look forward to working with them on our future projects.”

John Nobes, Infinity Construction Ltd

“Having been in the building industry for many years and always been very happy with conventional sand and cement screeds I was initially very sceptical of using Ecosreed, that was until Jay invited me to observe a flowing screed being laid. The process was much quicker and simpler than I expected and the price was comparable to the traditional method. The big difference for me is that the screeds can be laid to a depth of 50mm over under floor heating rather than 75mm and the tolerance is to within a couple of millimetres which makes tilling or laying wooden floors over the top a pleasure. It is also much tougher than the conventional method and the finish is smooth to the touch. I would definitely not return to the timely task of barrowing tons of screed into nearly complete buildings again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ecoscreed to other contractors.”

Simon Holland, Director, Hillstone Guernsey Limited

“As flooring and timber specialists we typically become involved at the end of a project. We are often delayed because the screed has either been put down poorly or too late to dry in time. This can have several negative consequences, not least of which are escalating costs for the client. Along comes Ecoscreed – a fantastic product installed by consummate professionals, which suddenly makes life a lot easier! When working with Ecoscreed, the quality is never in doubt and if using their quick-drying product, there will never be a delay because the screed was not put down in time. It is an amazing system that seems to have no drawbacks and we welcome the chance to work with it on any project where it has been installed. It is the only such system that Bonsai recommend wholeheartedly and we are pleased to feature it on our own website.”

Mathew Rolfe, Director, Bonsai Group

“Ecoscreed supplied me with a floor screed for my farmhouse property and new oak frame extension in February 2012. The result was a better quality floor for the final floor application. In addition the Ecoscreed system is more time efficient and gave us the opportunity to maintain maximum continuity on the project. In my opinion therefore the product and operational benefits are of the highest quality and I would not hesitate to use the service again.”

Alex Fuller, MD Fuller Group Ltd

“Having worked in the building trade for over 30 years I was very impressed with this new floor screed. Not only was it flat but level also. Being a tiler I was able to achieve a beautiful flat finish without the hassle of packing out tiles. Using less materials and quicker installation does also reduce costs to all concerned.”

Steve Thoumine, Tile Tastic, Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone

“I was a little apprehensive at being Ecoscreed’s first customer but decided to use them anyway after seeing the samples and hearing about the benefits it provides.

I have not been disappointed with making that initial decision as the boys have done an excellent job for me on my last two houses.
On each occasion they were in and out in a morning allowing me back into the building the next day to carry on with the work , whereas it would have normally taken me up to 3 days.

I wouldn’t now go back to using conventional screed.”

Alan Hubert, Director, MH Construction Ltd