What is Ecoscreed?

NEW Ecoscreed Thermal is our innovative and environmentally friendly screed which is made using local crushed recycled glass. This product comprises 96% recycled material.

The benefits of using our flowing screed over a traditional sand and cement screed are numerous. When used in conjunction with under floor heating the material that the under floor heating pipework or electric cable is in is a vital component in the heating system. The fluid nature of our flowing screed allows full contact with and encapsulation of the heating pipes or electric cables, this transfers heat up to 100% more efficiently than traditional sand and cement screed. The thermodynamic effect of the glass reduces the amount of energy required to heat up the floor by up to 30%, therefore lowering overall running costs for the entire life of the building. Our product is equally suited to schools, offices and care homes and use within this type of building could potentially save tens of thousands of pounds annually.

For more information please see the Thermal Performance of Crushed Recycled Glass Data Sheet.

Thermal efficiency

Traditional cement screeds are generally specified at 75mm thick when used over under floor heating pipes to try to prevent the floor from cracking. At this depth, you are essentially turning your under floor pipework into a storage heater. This takes a long time to heat up and cool down which can be difficult to control.

By using Ecoscreed Thermal the screed only needs to be laid at a depth of 50mm over under floor heating pipes and with a lower thermal mass than traditional screeds, along with the better thermal conductivity of the glass it takes less time and energy to heat up your room to the required temperature and once it is achieved, it is far easier to maintain. The ability to transfer heat quickly and efficiently from pipework or electric cable to room will ultimately reduce running costs.

With a depth of only 50mm it is also possible to incorporate an under floor heating system within a refurbishment project without the need to dig up any of the underlying concrete slab.

Precisely levelled by laser

We set out our level indicators from your agreed datum by laser. Our screed will easily achieve SR2 finish in accordance with BS8204 and complies with the European Standard for Flowing Screeds BSEN13813.

Rapid drying version available

If drying times are key to your project our Rapid Screed at 50mm can be fully dry in as little as 7 days which would then allow you to apply your floor finishes much quicker than would normally be possible.

Environmentally friendly

Ecoscreed Thermal, our high performance flowing floor screed incorporates 100% replacement of natural sand with on island crushed recycled glass. Our binder is also a recycled product which is derived from Desulpherised Gypsum, a by-product of the emissions cleaning desulpherisation process carried out at coal fired power stations.

This means that 96% of the material used in Ecoscreed Thermal is recycled making it the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient flowing floor screed in the market today.

We batch mix our product on site so we only produce the quantity required, therefore there is no waste.

Fast application

As our flowing screed is pumped to the area required, we are able to lay very large areas of floor screed per day. This will allow following trades access to the building much quicker than previously possible.


Our unique compact pumping system allows for easy installation of our screed in difficult locations, anywhere from basements to multi storey apartment blocks.

Extremely low shrinkage

Our screed has an extremely low shrinkage rate of 0.02%. It also will not crack or curl.

Force Drying

Our screed can be force dried after only 7 days, dramatically reducing the time from laying the screed to applying your final floor finish.