Ecoscreed Gridboard

Ecoscreed Gridboard is a very cost effective alternative to other floor insulation boards available on the market today. It is available in a wide range of depths allowing you flexibility in your floor make up.

It has the added advantage of being supplied with a laminated highly resistant fibre woven film. This film acts as the protection layer for the product and is printed with a 50mm Grid Pattern which will assist the under floor heating installer with the laying of their under floor heating pipes. The laminated film which covers the Gridboard is specially designed to hold pipe clips in position and ensures that under floor heating pipes are held tightly in place. The film overhangs the boards by 50mm enabling overlaps to be taped to form a continuous seamless surface, eliminating the need to install a 500 gauge polythene slip membrane, as would be required over foil faced insulation boards when used in conjunction with flowing screeds.

Ecoscreed Gridboard is easy to handle, it can be cut and shaped on site, no special tools are required.

Ecoscreed Gridboard will provide long lasting efficient thermal insulation for the life of the building (performance does not deteriorate with age) it is manufactured from EPS Polystyrene (EPS). The EPS is manufactured and tested in accordance with European Standards, contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s and is totally recyclable.

Ecoscreed Gridboard is manufactured and certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. The EPS used in the manufacture of this product complies to BS EN 13163:2001.

» Click here to see the full Ecoscreed Floor Grid Insulation Data Sheet