Ecoscreed Rapid

If drying times are key to your project our Rapid Screed at 50mm can be fully dry in as little as 7 days which would then allow you to apply your floor finishes much quicker than would normally be possible.

Ecoscreed Rapid is a pre mixed, protein free, rapid drying internal flowing pumpable screed, specifically designed for thick section flooring applications where speed of return to service is of the essence.

Ecoscreed Rapid has been designed to solve the problem of slow drying times associated with existing pumped Anhydrite Calcium Sulphate or sand and cement screeds. The material can be walked on after 8 hours at a thickness of 30mm and final floor finishes can be applied after 7 days at 20°C.

Ecoscreed Rapid is ideal for use where under floor heating is being installed because of the fluid nature of the flowing screed, which allows full contact with and encapsulation of the heating pipes and floor elements.

It can be laid thinner than conventional screeds and up to 200m2 per day can be laid at a depth of 50mm. The screed can be installed as either a bonded, unbonded or floating system in both new build or refurbishment projects. The material is ideal for under floor heating installations.

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