Lewis® Dovetailed Metal Decking

Lewis® Dovetailed Metal Decking, used in conjunction with our flowing screeds, provides a very simple and cost effective solution to achieving sound and fire regulations within new build and renovation projects.

It is ideal for upgrading separating floors between apartments, offices, commercial/retail or even domestic premises. It also gives you the option to install conventional under floor heating on upper floors and with a total floor thickness of only 50mm, it only weighs 90kg /m2 and is easy to incorporate within your design.

Existing floor constructions in older commercial buildings and houses are often made of wood. In the case of major repairs, renovation, restoration or a change in the function of such buildings, it often appears that these floor constructions do not meet the current requirements for sound insulation.

LEWIS® Dovetailed sheeting makes it possible to create a lightweight sound insulating floating floor on top of the existing wooden or steel frame floor construction.

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