Ecoscreed Standard

Our standard floor screed is self-compacting, self-smoothing and provides a high strength and extremely accurate surface finish and can be pumped into any area of a building and at thinner depths than conventional screed.

Our standard flowing floor screed is produced using the most up to date Alpha Hemi Hydrate binder compound which is an eco-friendly product as it is derived from the de-sulphurisation process at UK coal fired power stations. This is used along with good quality graded sand to produce our flowing screed. We batch mix this product on site to BS EN13813, the European Standard for flowing screeds. We continually check the quality of the mix by carrying out flow tests.

Ecoscreed Standard is pumped into the building to the undersides of our level indicators which have been previously set by laser. Ecoscreed Standard is self-compacting and self-smoothing and provides a highly accurate surface finish. Coupled with the fact that it has extremely low shrinkage at 0.02% and does not crack or curl, our standard product also does not require reinforcement, due to its self-compacting nature.

Our product can be laid at thinner depths than conventional screeds. Up to 300m2 of screed can be laid per day at a depth of 50mm, thereby making it highly competitive in overall time and cost savings compared with conventional sand and cement screeds. It should be installed either as an un-bonded screed or as a floating system in both new build and refurbishment projects. Ecoscreed Standard is ideal for use where under floor heating is being installed. The fluid nature of the flowing screed allows full contact with and encapsulation of the heating pipes and floor elements. Ecoscreed Standard is suitable for all types of floor covering but should not be used as the final floor finish.

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